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Amy & Adam – Central Otago WeddingLisa Davidson Photography

Amy & Adam - Central Otago Wedding

Amy & Adam

It is wedding season again and Central Otago is such a popular spot for couples to marry.  The landscape, weather and childhood memories brings people to Central to share in their wedding day with family and friends.  Amy & Adam were one of these couples, coming back to where Amy had grown up for their wedding day in Clyde.  Thanks for sharing your day with me xwedding
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Central Otago WeddingHayley & Sheldon’s Wedding DayLisa Davidson Photography ©

Hayley & Sheldon's Wedding Day

I love weddings – and this was definitely one that I got very excited about when I walked into the brides dressing room and saw the beautiful soft colourings, sparkles and beautiful details.  It was such a special day for Hayley and Sheldon, surrounded by their beautiful family.  The wedding took place at Hayley’s parents home in Alexandra.  Hayley’s Dad had been concerned as it had been a hot Central Otago summer and trying to keep the lawns green had been an impossible mission with water cuts – but everything looked amazing.   wedding-photography-003 wedding-photography-004 wedding-photography-005 wedding-photography-006 wedding-photography-007 wedding-photography-008 wedding-photography-009 wedding-photography-010 wedding-photography-011 wedding-photography-012 wedding-photography-013 wedding-photography-014 wedding-photography-016 wedding-photography-017 wedding-photography-018 wedding-photography-019 wedding-photography-020 wedding-photography-021 wedding-photography-024 wedding-photography-025 wedding-photography-026 wedding-photography-027 wedding-photography-029 wedding-photography-030 wedding-photography-031 wedding-photography-032 wedding-photography-033 wedding-photography-034 wedding-photography-036 wedding-photography-037 wedding-photography-039 wedding-photography-040 wedding-photography-041 wedding-photography-044 wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-047wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-048wedding-photography-047