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27th January 2018Sam & Paige – Orchard Gardens WeddingLisa Davidson Photography

Sam & Paige - Orchard Gardens Wedding

Paige and Sam – Wow what a wedding day.  These guys were so much fun.  We had so many laughs throughout the day – starting when the Best man couldn’t find his suit.  Well Im not sure that we started laughing at this – but we sure did have some laughs about it later and some funny photo’s with the trouser that he managed to borrow that weren’t quite the right fit!  Here’s a preview of Paige and Sam’s beautiful day in Alexandra/Clyde.boys,groom,groomsmengroomgroombride wedding detailswedding ceremonylandscape and wedding party photographybride and bridesmaids at central otago weddingwedding photographer central otagoT orchard gardens wedding orchard gardens weddingcentral otago wedding orchard gardensepic wedding central otago

Thanks Paige and Sam for having me share in your wedding day.  It was Amazing xx

Thanks to all involved

Makeup:  Harmony Skin and Beauty

Hair: Koren – KPBridal Hair

Celebrant: Glennys Logan

Ceremony and reception: Orchard Gardens

Cake: Ange Lochaden

Flowers: Ruby Tuesday Florist

Lisa Davidson PhotographyMaternity Session – Ashleigh – Mum 2 BePregnancy

Maternity Session - Ashleigh - Mum 2 Be

Maternity session with Ashleigh.

It is always such  an exciting time – the start of a new little family.  Ashleigh moved home from Australia recently and it was such a pleasure to spend some time with her and photograph this special time in her life.  Such exciting times ahead, and I cant wait to meet her little boy that is due to arrive any time.


maternity photography

Amy & Adam – Central Otago WeddingLisa Davidson Photography

Amy & Adam - Central Otago Wedding

Amy & Adam

It is wedding season again and Central Otago is such a popular spot for couples to marry.  The landscape, weather and childhood memories brings people to Central to share in their wedding day with family and friends.  Amy & Adam were one of these couples, coming back to where Amy had grown up for their wedding day in Clyde.  Thanks for sharing your day with me xwedding
central otago weddings

wedding photography

Central Otago Newborn PhotographerNewborn photos – Emily –Lisa Davidson Photography

Newborn photos - Emily -

Newborn photos are so rewarding.  I am usually totally exhausted after a newborn session – but I am always left with a smile on my face.  I feel pretty lucky to be doing this as my full time job.  It was such a pleasure to meet little Emily.  Emily was a very treasured little girl that Neil and Renee had patiently waited for.  Renee had ended up on bedrest early awaiting this precious little bundles arrival.  Emily was born back in April – yes my backlog is big – I am finally trying to find some time to get some photos up on my blog.

emily-newborn-12 emily-newborn-13emily-newborn-17emily-newborn-20emily-newborn-16 emily-newborn-24 emily-newborn-5 emily-newborn-8

New Zealand WeddingLarissa & Te Kohe’s WeddingLisa Davidson Photography

Larissa & Te Kohe's Wedding

What a Wedding!

The wedding of Larrisa &Te Kohe took place on Larissa’s parents property in Alexandra.  It was such a stunning setting and the day was filled with so much love and emotion.  I found myself so wrapped up in listening to the speeches and wedding vows, I had to remind myself that I was there to do a job and get taking Photos!!    The vows were so heartfelt and emotional, even Larissa’s Mum spoke so emotionally and the words – just so beautiful and full of meaning.  T.K’s son Phoenix was also a special part of the day, and his kind caring nature was so evident as he stroked Larissa and T.k’s back when they got emotional during the wedding vows.The bridal party was a pretty stunning lineup – the girls all looked amazing  – their dresses all different and so beautiful and the boys kept me on the go and very entertained.  We had so much fun.  Thank you Larissa and T.K for trusting me with the job of photographing your wedding day.  It was such a pleasure to meet you both and I wish you all the best with your future life together xx  Hope you enjoy this little preview of your day – and I will get them all on their way to you soon!


Such an amazing day – amazing people – fun times.  Hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peek of the day.  Thanks to all involved. xx


New Zealand Wedding//Orchard Gardens,Clyde//Riki & Rebecca

New Zealand Wedding//Orchard Gardens,Clyde//Riki & Rebecca


Riki & Rebecca’s wedding Day

A huge congratulations to this awesome couple – Riki and Rebecca – who came back from Melbourne to get married in Central Otago.   It was a fun filled day – with a great wedding party that kept me entertained.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Orchard Gardens  in the maze.  From there the guest’s followed them back through into the circular garden for the cutting of the cake and family photos and then we headed off to get some wedding party photos done amongst the amazing landscape that we have right at our back door.  Thanks Rikki and Rebecca for trusting me to capture your special day.  I had a blast – and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness xx

New Zealand wedding, Orchard Gardens, Clyde

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Beautiful Wedding at OliversNerine & Mark Healey’s wedding day

Nerine & Mark Healey's wedding day

Nerine & Mark celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful Olivers Lodge and Stables in Clyde, Central Otago.  It was a beautiful day surrounded by special family and friends.



central otago wedding

wedding-central otago-olivers-2 wedding-central otago-olivers-3 wedding-central otago-olivers-4

wedding-central otago-olivers-7 wedding-central otago-olivers-8 wedding-central otago-olivers-9 wedding-central otago-olivers-10 wedding-central otago-olivers-11 wedding-central otago-olivers-12 wedding-central otago-olivers-13 wedding-central otago-olivers-14 wedding-central otago-olivers-17 wedding-central otago-olivers-15wedding-central otago-olivers-19wedding-central otago-olivers-16wedding-central otago-olivers-18 wedding-central otago-olivers-20 wedding-central otago-olivers-21 wedding-central otago-olivers-22 wedding-central otago-olivers-23 wedding-central otago-olivers-24 wedding-central otago-olivers-25 wedding-central otago-olivers-26 wedding-central otago-olivers-27 wedding-central otago-olivers-28 wedding-central otago-olivers-29 wedding-central otago-olivers-30 wedding-central otago-olivers-31 wedding-central otago-olivers-32 wedding-central otago-olivers-33 wedding-central otago-olivers-34 wedding-central otago-olivers-35 wedding-central otago-olivers-36 wedding-central otago-olivers-37 wedding-central otago-olivers-38 wedding-central otago-olivers-39 wedding-central otago-olivers-40 wedding-central otago-olivers-41 wedding-central otago-olivers-42

Clyde WeddingKoren & Manu’s Central Otago Wedding

Koren & Manu's Central Otago Wedding

Koren & Manu’s Central Otago wedding.


A day filled with much emotion.  Love, laughter and cars getting stuck were all part of the day.  Koren and Manu celebrated their beautiful wedding at the amazing Orchard Gardens in Clyde. Here is a little glimpse into their day xx



wedding-63wedding-7wedding-1wedding-4wedding-3wedding-5Clyde weddingwedding-10wedding-12wedding-13wedding-14wedding-15wedding-17wedding-18wedding-19wedding-20wedding-21wedding-22wedding-23wedding-24wedding-25wedding-26wedding-27wedding-28wedding-29wedding-39wedding-40wedding-30wedding-31wedding-32wedding-33wedding-34wedding-35wedding-36wedding-37wedding-38wedding-41wedding-42wedding-43wedding-44wedding-45wedding-46wedding-48wedding-49wedding-50wedding-52wedding-53wedding-54wedding-56wedding-55wedding-57wedding-58wedding-59wedding-61wedding-60wedding-62wedding-64wedding-65wedding-66wedding-67wedding-68wedding-73wedding-74wedding-69wedding-70wedding-71wedding-72wedding-75wedding-76wedding-77wedding-78wedding-79wedding-81wedding-83wedding-82wedding-84wedding-85wedding-87wedding-88wedding-91wedding-92wedding-93wedding-94wedding-95wedding-96wedding-99wedding-100wedding-101wedding-102wedding-108wedding-106wedding-107Koren & Manu – thank you for letting me capture you day.  It was amazing xx


Big shout out to the following:

Hairdresser:  Zaibatsu

Venue: The Orchard Gardens

Makeup: Janine Joseph

Central Otago WeddingHayley & Sheldon’s Wedding DayLisa Davidson Photography ©

Hayley & Sheldon's Wedding Day

I love weddings – and this was definitely one that I got very excited about when I walked into the brides dressing room and saw the beautiful soft colourings, sparkles and beautiful details.  It was such a special day for Hayley and Sheldon, surrounded by their beautiful family.  The wedding took place at Hayley’s parents home in Alexandra.  Hayley’s Dad had been concerned as it had been a hot Central Otago summer and trying to keep the lawns green had been an impossible mission with water cuts – but everything looked amazing.   wedding-photography-003 wedding-photography-004 wedding-photography-005 wedding-photography-006 wedding-photography-007 wedding-photography-008 wedding-photography-009 wedding-photography-010 wedding-photography-011 wedding-photography-012 wedding-photography-013 wedding-photography-014 wedding-photography-016 wedding-photography-017 wedding-photography-018 wedding-photography-019 wedding-photography-020 wedding-photography-021 wedding-photography-024 wedding-photography-025 wedding-photography-026 wedding-photography-027 wedding-photography-029 wedding-photography-030 wedding-photography-031 wedding-photography-032 wedding-photography-033 wedding-photography-034 wedding-photography-036 wedding-photography-037 wedding-photography-039 wedding-photography-040 wedding-photography-041 wedding-photography-044 wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-047wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-048wedding-photography-047