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Newborn Photography sessionHarper May CloustonLisa Davidson Photography ©

Harper May Clouston

Harper May Clouston

Harper – What a little treasure!  I finally got to meet  Harper a little later than origonally planned.  Harper had decided to give her parents Willy and Olivia a bit of a scare on their drive into town on our first scheduled photo session, and ended up being diverted and spending a couple of days in hospital.  Back on track and eager to get some precious photos of their dear little baby – another session was scheduled, and I got the pleasure of meeting this little princess!   

I hadn’t meet Olivia or Willy before – they are such a neat couple and so excited to have this little girl in their lives.  It is such an amazing feeling becoming parents.  Nothing ever really prepares you for the moment you meet this little person for the first time.  That unconditional love that is just so instant and so strong!  It is such a privillege to be invited into peoples lives at such special times as these to capture precious images of times that will be forever cherished.  These little babies will only fit in Dads hands like this for such a short time.  Precious moments. Precious memories captured and treasured. newborn-photos-001 newborn-photos-002 newborn-photos-003 newborn-photos-004 newborn-photos-005 newborn-photos-006 newborn-photos-007 newborn-photos-008 newborn-photos-009 newborn-photos-010 newborn-photos-011 newborn-photos-012 newborn-photos-013 newborn-photos-014 newborn-photos-015 newborn-photos-016 newborn-photos-017 newborn-photos-018

Central Otago WeddingHayley & Sheldon’s Wedding DayLisa Davidson Photography ©

Hayley & Sheldon's Wedding Day

I love weddings – and this was definitely one that I got very excited about when I walked into the brides dressing room and saw the beautiful soft colourings, sparkles and beautiful details.  It was such a special day for Hayley and Sheldon, surrounded by their beautiful family.  The wedding took place at Hayley’s parents home in Alexandra.  Hayley’s Dad had been concerned as it had been a hot Central Otago summer and trying to keep the lawns green had been an impossible mission with water cuts – but everything looked amazing.   wedding-photography-003 wedding-photography-004 wedding-photography-005 wedding-photography-006 wedding-photography-007 wedding-photography-008 wedding-photography-009 wedding-photography-010 wedding-photography-011 wedding-photography-012 wedding-photography-013 wedding-photography-014 wedding-photography-016 wedding-photography-017 wedding-photography-018 wedding-photography-019 wedding-photography-020 wedding-photography-021 wedding-photography-024 wedding-photography-025 wedding-photography-026 wedding-photography-027 wedding-photography-029 wedding-photography-030 wedding-photography-031 wedding-photography-032 wedding-photography-033 wedding-photography-034 wedding-photography-036 wedding-photography-037 wedding-photography-039 wedding-photography-040 wedding-photography-041 wedding-photography-044 wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-047wedding-photography-045wedding-photography-048wedding-photography-047

Lisa Davidson PhotographySophie Norrbon-senior photosSenior Photos

Sophie Norrbon-senior photos

Sophie came to Alexandra with her family and attended Dunstan High School for her senior year.  Before heading back to the USA, Sophie wanted to get her senior photos done to remember her time spent in Central.  We had a fun time, going to different locations that had been special to Sophie.  It was such a pleasure to spend this time with Sophie and her Mum.  senior-photos-001 senior-photos-002 senior-photos-004 senior-photos-005 senior-photos-006 senior-photos-007 senior-photos-008 senior-photos-009 senior-photos-011 senior-photos-012 senior-photos-013 senior-photos-014 senior-photos-015 senior-photos-016 senior-photos-017 senior-photos-018 senior-photos-019